25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G.


Educational School Visits


We are available for Educational School Talks includes Demonstrations of WW11 Bomb Disposal.

Suitable for 7 - 11yr olds ( yr 3 - 6 ) Key Stage 2...Also KS3, KS4. KS6. See us in School Workshops



Which includes:


An Explanation of the work of Bomb Disposal Soldiers in WW11


Static Display of Ordnance


Demonstration on how bombs  were defused


Types of fuses & Booby traps

How mines were laid/ detected & defused.


5min DVD of WW11 Govt. Public Warnings.


The Types of Butterfly bombs and the different ways they were disposed of..


Question & Answer


 Class Quiz Competition.


Interactive Bomb Disposal Experience, which features Observation, Mine detecting & Bomb Defusing.,


Pupils will benefit from a hands on Learning experience of  Bomb Disposal work during WWII.


All Pupils in Class will receive a Certificate & Replica leaflets from WW11.


                                 All our Ordnance is Inert & Safe


                      We do not Carry or Show Firearms in Schools


                                                     To end our Visit

During or Display Defusing of our Replica 250kg Bomb, we can set off a Small controlled Pyrotechnic, to add Realisism in Sound and Vision to the scenario. Please ask for Details about this.


For more details  please go to our contact page.


Schools Please Note..

Our calendar for 2018, School Visits is starting to fill up, if you require us to visit yours. Please contact us asap to avoid disappointment


Schools find us on school workshops.com,  Twitter, Linkedin, & Facebook.



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