25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G.


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25th. Bomb Disposal Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G.

The Group was formed on May 8th 2004 as a non combatant group, to portray the lesser known story on the home front of the Bomb Disposal Companies of the Royal Engineers, operating in the UK between 1939 – 45.


At the start of WW11, and early into 1940, the job of  bomb disposal fell to the ARP & Civil Defence Corps.

The Royal Engineer B.D. units were officially formed on the 11th May of that year.


In September 1940, after just two weeks of the Blitz, there were more than 3,700 unexploded bombs waiting to be dealt with in London alone.


The unknown quantity of these UXBs were crippling the nation: People were too frightened to return to their homes & factories central to the war effort, and key roads and railways were closed for fear of the damage that an explosion could cause.


Armed with the most basic equipment & little information, the Newly formed Royal Engineer sections were sent out to extinguish the threats of UXBs. In some cases, these UXBs were to be defused ‘regardless of loss of life to bomb disposal personnel.


Therefore the group is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the work of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal units during WW11. And up to present day IED.


We are based in the south of England in Hampshire, The group was founded by the late Capt. Mike Authers. The group provides static displays of ordnance with an Interactive course for children, also set piece scenarios & demonstrations , such as defusing UXBs, Butterfly bomb disposal, And how  firebombs were dealt with.




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Breaking News!!


It Is with Great sadness

I have to report that

Capt Mike Authers

passed away

on April 13th 2016


Mike will be very much

missed by his Wife and the 25th BD Co RE LHG team.


Please Note the change in contact details.